“Customs CG Strengthens Ties with FCT Minister, Secures Land for Staff Kids’ Schools”

By LOD Onyeji

The Comptroller-General of the Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, is making waves with a commitment to strengthen collaborations with various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs). In a significant development, he recently paid an official visit to the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Barr. Nyesome Wike, securing a promise that will directly benefit the children of Customs personnel.

This noteworthy visit took place on Thursday, 9th October 2023, at the Federal Capital Territory Secretariat in Abuja, and it was more than a cordial exchange. The occasion held deeper implications for Customs personnel and their families.

At the outset of their interaction, the CGC warmly congratulated Minister Wike on his appointment as the FCT Minister by President Ahmad Bola Tinubu GCFR. Adeniyi highlighted the pivotal role that the FCT plays in Nigeria and expressed his optimism for a smart and proud FCT. He emphasized the need for transparency, integrity, and visionary leadership to achieve this vision.

As the conversation progressed, the CGC provided insights into the core mandates of the Nigeria Customs Service. These include revenue generation, combating smuggling, and facilitating trade, particularly in port areas and various service formations.

However, a significant challenge has been the education of the children of Customs personnel in Abuja. Adeniyi addressed this issue with empathy, acknowledging that many Customs personnel resort to private schools in the city due to the lack of dedicated educational facilities.

In a compassionate appeal, the CGC requested the allocation of land by the Minister to enable the construction of primary and secondary schools for the children of Customs personnel in Abuja. This request reflects a proactive approach to addressing the needs of the Customs community and ensuring the provision of quality education.

Minister Wike, in response, expressed appreciation for the visit and reassured the CGC of his commitment to supporting the Customs Service. He confirmed that his Ministry had received a letter of request from the Nigeria Customs Service for land allocation, a request that he deemed worthy and essential.

The FCT Minister affirmed that the policies of his Ministry align with the revenue-generation objectives of the Nigeria Customs Service. Still, he acknowledged the special nature of the CGC’s request to establish schools that cater to the educational needs of Customs personnel’s children.

Wike assured the CGC of his readiness to approve the NCS’ request for land allocation and urged the Customs Legal Adviser and the Federal Capital Territory Authority to work collaboratively to expedite the necessary legal modalities.

In this remarkable exchange, the CGC’s vision for the betterment of Customs personnel and their families resonates with the FCT Minister. The commitment to providing dedicated educational facilities represents a significant step towards improving the lives of those who serve the nation at the frontlines of customs administration.

As the legal modalities are fine-tuned and approval processes advance, this collaborative effort between the Customs and the FCT Ministry holds the promise of ensuring quality education and a brighter future for the children of Customs personnel in Abuja. It’s a testament to the positive impact that partnerships and visionary leadership can bring about in the heart of the nation’s capital.

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